Algebra II CP is designed for students who plan to continue their education at a technical school or community college, or who plan to enter the workforce after high school.  This course includes the following topics:  coordinate geometry, linear algebra, systems of equations/inequalities and functions.

The course pacing guide will show the topics being covered, along with the estimated amount of days spent on each section.  (amount of days spent on each section is subject to change)


Click here for worksheets on Review for SP Quiz 



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Class Policies

Check the calendar below for upcoming events.  If you need to find your homework assignment, check powerschool.




Quarter 1:

Quarter 2:

  • Answers to #3
  • Answers and work to #4
  • Answers to #6
  • Answers to review
  • Answers to review for quest word problem
  • Answers to review for quest again
  • Answers to last nights hw (make sure you check and correct using a different pen)
  • Answers to review for quiz 2.8
  • Answers to the word problem worksheets
  • Answers to review for quiz on 3.3 (both worksheets)
  • Click here for notes #26...sorry I'm not there...the flu :(     Make sure you complete all the pages...fill in the tables and graphs  (use a pencil just in case)  
  • Click here for the notes on quadratic equations in vertex form #31
  • Answers to review #33
  • #38...just the graphs
  • Answers to 39 review for quiz 
  • Flipped classroom #40
  • Answers to the odds #43
  • Answers to #49
  • Answers to open ended review
  • Answers review for midterm

Quarter 3

Quarter 4


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